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AI Co-Pilots🤖 Mushroom Rush🍄 How to go viral🚀

Dear friends, founders, and solopreneurs if you have been thinking “Where the hell are you?”, no sweat, I’ve got a bunch of things to discuss.

This is a new edition of the 404trends Newsletter where we like anyone in this world want to be smart and have awesome ideas to crush the next year.

Today, we’ll talk about:

  • Y Combinator's last batch

  • The GPT Engineer

  • The rise of Prompt Engineering jobs

  • Trending Mushroom Products

  • Shaan’s from My First Million video went viral

Y Combinator's Bold AI Bet - S23 Batch 📊

Y Combinator has made an aggressive push into the world of AI, with 160 startups from its latest batch alone planting flags in the AI domain, most notably in AI co-pilots. This first fully in-person batch since the pandemic brought together over 10,000 founders, with a staggering 5% of YC companies reaching unicorn status.

The S23 batch is a focus on:

  • B2B SaaS / Enterprise (70%)

  • Fintech (10%)

  • Healthcare (10%)

  • Consumer (6%)

  • Proptech / Industrials (4%)

Get all the details on YC's latest blog.

AI Co-Pilots Will Probably Replace Junior Roles⚙️

You probably heard about it, but anyway. There’s a buzz in the dev community — the GPT Engineer. We're in a new era where AI doesn't just support – it collaborates. Developers are now crossing over; they're not just coding, they're teaching AI to code. Wild.

Why It Matters:

So now it not just understand tasks but reasons, innovate, and even debug. For developers and businesses, this means a seismic shift. The GPT Engineer is a sign of where we're headed – a world where AI partners with humans to push the boundaries of creation.

Prompt Engineering: The Next Big Job Market 💸

These specialists are leading a new frontier in AI, making waves with a staggering 5300% growth in the field

The role of a Prompt Engineer is like a linguist fine-tuning the dialogue between humans and AI. They craft prompts that are not just sentences but keys to unlock the vast potential within AI models. The job is to refine prompts, enhance the AI’s understanding, and ensure that the output is precise, relevant, and valuable.

The Mushroom Wellness Boom 🍄

Mushrooms are sprouting up everywhere!

Let's chew on these stats:

  • Mushroom Gummies: Search interest has grown by 1171%. It's not just a snack; it’s a wellness revolution in a bite-sized form.

  • Amanita Muscaria Gummies: These aren't your average gummies. With a staggering 9300% growth, they're the new exotic kids on the wellness block.

  • Mushroom Liquid: The interest has blossomed by 120%. Drops or shots, this is liquid health that's easy to swallow.

  • Mushroom Chocolate: A delicious growth of 254% shows that indulgence and wellness can go hand-in-hand.

🌟 Why the Frenzy Over Fungi?

Mushrooms are ancient superfoods making a modern comeback. They're thought to boost everything from brain power to immunity. And with the versatility of products, from edibles to drinkables, they're winning hearts (and taste buds) across the globe.

How to go viral by Shaan 🎯

This video went viral, in one day to 1 million views on X. Shaan Puri from MFM pod recorded the video that he wants to be the CEO of the ALL IN Pod. Even if it’s a joke, the video is hilarious and worth analyzing, and taking some notes on how to make great videos.

Wrap Up 🥳

Another week, another deep dive into the trends. Stay tuned for the next big opportunity.

Till the next one,


P.S. I’m brainstorming tech startup business ideas and creating a big list, if you want to give me feedback on it DM me on Twitter or Linkedin