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404trends #12 | Virtual Romance Trend | Shelves For Apple's Gold Rush 💖

Dear friends, coding wizards, and anyone who ever thought their love life could use a bit more... pixels?

Guess what? Cupid's got a tech upgrade this Wednesday, and it's not just any Valentine's Day—it's the day I've launched my latest creation Insights DB on Product Hunt. I promise it’s just a coincidence, or perhaps fate's way of nudging you to show some love with an upvote, it means a lot!

Meanwhile, in the realm of heartbeats and high-speed internet, online dating, and VR have tied the knot, with Apple's Vision Pro acting as the ring bearer, cherry on top, the icing on the cake, you got it.

Anyway, I’m so excited to come back with another dive-deep report, let’s see what we have

What’s Inside:

  • Sub-Reddit Is Growing In Traffic

  • Apple Vision Pro: Sell Shovels During The Gold Rush

  • Promising Startups

  • Recently Fundraised Startups

  • 10 Business Ideas

  • 12 Marketing Hacks For Valentine’s Day

Quick Stats For Nerds

  • 84% of men make a last-minute dash to the closest grocery store for Valentine's Day flowers

  • Dating apps are busier on Sundays specifically on the first Sunday of the year, called "Dating Sunday," is the busiest day for dating apps.

  • By 2027, it is estimated that there will be 440 million people seeking love through online platforms

  • There has been a 92% year-over-year lift in sales of VR headsets

  • In 2023, AR / VR startups raised $250 million

Rising Trend: Reddit dating

In the last six months, Reddit has seen a 249% increase in mentions of “dating” within VR interest groups. Subreddit /r/dating experiences a growth in traffic

Why It Matters:

People use dating apps for many reasons. Some are looking for a serious partner, while others just want to have fun or make new friends. Surveys tell us that a lot of people hope to find someone to be with for a long time through these apps. Dating apps are a way to meet many people and learn about yourself.

Rising Trend: Apple Vision Pro apps

You already know that Apple recently launched their Vision Pro and people are going crazy about it. I’m not going to speculate about how good it is, but let’s take a look at the opportunities. And how you can sell shovels during the gold rush.

In history, whenever there is a big change a lot of people get rich fast, at the same time. Some examples are the discovery of oil, the invention of the internet, the launching of TikTok, the creation of Bitcoin, then Open AI, and the launching of an App Store and Google Store. And now the hype of VR headsets. You get it right?

There are many ways you can use this trend, so let’s explore some possibilities.

Startups Involved in VR/AR

  • Synthesis AI: Generates photorealistic 3D models for VR/AR applications using AI.

  • Theator: Enhances surgical planning and rehearsal with augmented reality technology.

  • EQL: Provides immersive VR training for various industries.

  • Fifteen Percent Pledge: Uses AR to promote inclusive shopping experiences.

  • Techville: Develops VR and AR solutions for healthcare, education, and entertainment.

  • Geopogo: Builds immersive 3D environments for the real estate sector.

  • Sandbox VR: Designs immersive VR experiences for entertainment and team-building.

  • Somnium Space: Develops a virtual world for trading and building virtual properties.

  • OpenSpace: Uses 360-degree cameras and AI for digital twins of construction sites.

  • Dispelix: Produces AR displays for smart glasses and devices.

  • Labster: Offers VR simulations for science education.

  • Wolf3D: Helps create personalized 3D avatars for VR, games, and apps.

  • Virtualitics: Combines VR and AI for immersive business data visualization.

  • Relax: Creates VR experiences for relaxation and meditation.

Startups involved in Valentine’s trend

  • MeetMindful: An online dating community focused on wellness and mindfulness.

  • Happn: A hyperlocalized location-based dating app.

  • Anomalie: An online platform for custom-made wedding gowns.

  • Love Cocoa: Offers a chocolate subscription service and gift delivery.

  • Bloom & Wild, Bloomon, and FlowerPlus: Offer subscription models for flower delivery.

  • Vivino: A wine app that allows users to rate and discover new wines.

  • Lovely: Offers a connected sex toy and accompanying app with relationship counseling.

  • Little Riot: Provides a connected pillow that lets users hear their loved one’s heartbeat while they sleep.

  • LovePop: Offers intricate 3D pop-up cards for special occasions, bringing a creative twist to traditional greetings.

  • Hinge: A dating app that encourages meaningful connections, aiming for users to find lasting relationships and ultimately delete the app.

  • VRChat: A social VR platform for creating and exploring virtual worlds, enabling interaction through customizable avatars.

My five cents

I have no idea if this is just another gimmick, but with VR headset sales skyrocketing and dating apps buzzing it's clear that we're onto something big. The world expanding more into digital and soon, these headsets will be everywhere. If you want to jump into this wave learn as fast as you can to find a way where you can fit.

How Chat GPT Sees Children Playing in 2030

Recent Investments in VR

  1. Pika: an AR startup that raised $35 million in a Series A funding round in December 2023.

  2. Thirdverse: is a VR/AR gaming startup that raised $8 million in a venture funding round in December 2023.

  3. Hololight: is a VR/AR software startup that raised $12 million in a venture funding round in December 2023.

  4. FlickPlay: is a gaming and social network startup that raised an undisclosed amount of venture funding in December 2023.

  5. Vantari VR: is a medical VR startup that raised $2.5 million in a seed funding round in December 2023.

  6. Pimax VR: a VR headset startup that raised an undisclosed amount of funding in 2023.

  7. Relax: is a VR relaxation and meditation startup that raised $1.5 million in a seed funding round in September 2023.

  8. STRIVR: is a VR training and onboarding startup that raised $86 million in a Series B funding round in 2023.

  9. Magic Leap: is an AR startup that raised $3.5 billion in a Series Unknown funding round in 2023.

Ideas and Opportunities

Besides thinking of creating a better alternative for startups mentioned above, let’s explore more ideas.

  1. Organize virtual reality music events, where attendees can enjoy live performances in an immersive VR environment, connecting fans with artists in a novel way.

  2. Partner with local businesses for special offers or clues to enhance the city's adventure with an AR experience

  3. Develop an AR shopping app that lets users visualize products in their home environment before making a purchase, including furniture, electronics, and home decor, with features like size adjustments and color changes.

  4. Design a health-focused app that guides users through VR workouts, yoga sessions, or meditation retreats, tracking progress and offering personalized wellness plans.

  5. Offer content creation services to VR/AR startups, helping them craft compelling website content, blog posts, press releases, and social media campaigns that effectively communicate their unique value proposition.

  6. Develop VR simulations for dental students and professionals to practice procedures in a risk-free, realistic environment, enhancing dental education and training.

  7. Design AR-compatible toys and games that offer educational content in subjects like science, math, and geography, making learning interactive and fun for children.

  8. Create a platform that allows users to invest in virtual real estate properties in small increments, democratizing investment in digital landscapes.

  9. Develop a platform that uses AI to analyze footage from 360-degree cameras on construction sites, providing insights on progress, safety, and efficiency.

  10. Offer a service that creates personalized AR wedding invitations, allowing guests to view wedding details, venues, and personal messages through their smartphones.

10 Marketing Campaigns on Valentine’s Day

There's a whole arsenal of love-struck marketing tactics at your disposal, from heart-stopping social media blitzes to sweet-nothing SMS strategies, designed to woo, wow, and whip up sales in the season of love.

As the article progresses, it showcases 12 standout marketing campaigns specifically designed for Valentine's Day. Use them as a source of inspiration, and unleash creativity, and strategic thinking to not only engage with customers on a deeper level but also to drive sales during one of the most sentimental times of the year.

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Wrap Up 🥳

That's a wrap on this week! If this newsletter sparked some insights, feel free to pass it on.

Catch you on the flip side,


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