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From Investors' Disappointment to Health Breakthroughs 📉💡

Dear friends, founders, and anyone who's ever asked, "Is the EdTech bubble deflating or just taking a breather?"

Welcome back to another edition of the 404trends Newsletter. Today, we delve into the cooling trends in EdTech investments, the rapid rise of new health innovations, the immersive gaming wonders, and valuable insights for those looking to acquire businesses.

EdTech Investment: An Investor’s Disappointment? 📉 

Global venture funding in the EdTech realm has seen a noticeable decline. The pace has slowed, but the growth outlook still remains strong.

Why It Matters:

Despite a drop in investments, EdTech's contribution to the global education market remains influential and is predicted to be significant throughout the decade.

Companies like Coursera and Duolingo soared with their IPOs a few years back, but we've seen fewer transitions lately.

AI, mobile learning, big data, and tutoring are among the key focal points in EdTech today.

Mounjaro: Type 2 Diabetes Treatment 💉

Search interest in Mounjaro shot up by an incredible 2806% in the past year!

Why It Matters:

Mounjaro, or tirzepatid, is proving to be a game-changer in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes.

It works by decreasing food intake, increasing insulin activity, reducing glucagon levels, and enhancing insulin secretion.

Immersive Gamebox: Dive into a New Reality 🕹️ 

The Immersive Gamebox has witnessed a growth of 2158% in interest over the past year!

Why It Matters:

Immersive Gamebox offers group or family gaming experiences like no other with props, set pieces, surround sound, and immersive environments.

Actionable Tips and Insights

Here are some of my predictions on how our world might look in the next 10 years.

  • The trend will move toward personalization and all-in-one educational platforms will lose their potential. Personalized Learning Platforms will rise with the help of AI offering bespoke learning paths for students.

  • Healthtech startups, especially those focusing on chronic diseases like diabetes, have been gaining ground due to the intersection of biology, technology, and data science. Wearable Health Monitors and Telemedicine will continue to rise.

  • VR/AR Tourism will explode. Using similar tech, tourists can experience historical or fictional events in real locations. Imagine you’re taking a walk in the major city of the Ancient Roman Empire, or being a witness of the fall of Babylon.

How to buy your first business 📚

As always I’m consuming a bunch of content from founders and learning from their experience. I recently stumbled upon a Tweet from Sieva Kozinski. He breaks down his business acquisition process in his 6-part Email Mini-Course. Today I received the 3rd email from his mini-course, here is the breakdown:

  • Start with clear acquisition objectives and understand SBA's diverse loan programs.

  • Ensure your business and personal finances match SBA guidelines, determine the business's valuation, and choose an experienced SBA lender.

  • Avoid placing too much trust in individuals without relevant industry experience or a direct stake in your venture. Prioritize advice from experienced stakeholders.

Wrap Up 🥳

Another week, another dive into the fascinating ebb and flow of the tech and business world! If you enjoyed these insights, please share this newsletter.

Till the next one,


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