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404trends #13 | Lead Generation Tools | Agencies, Sales Trends and Startups 🧲

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Dear friends, founders, and anyone who dreamed about a vending machine that pops out perfect clients? I've got some snacks to tide you over.

As I sipped my third espresso this sunny morning, pondering the mysteries of the universe, it struck me - why not share the goldmine of lead generation tools I've been digging through lately? So, here we are, let’s dive into lead generation and multiplying your customer base

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What’s Inside

  • Quick Stats For Nerds

  • Rasing Trend: Lead Generation Tools

  • Popular Sales Tools

  • Recent Launches on Product Hunt

  • Startups That Got Funding

  • Tips On Building an Agency

Quick Stats For Nerds

  • 68% of businesses find lead generation challenging​​.

  • Marketers are putting their money where their leads are, with 53% dedicating half or more of their budget to lead generation​​.

  • Using marketing automation software? It could boost your qualified leads by an impressive 451%​​.

  • The average B2B sales lead costs between $31 and $60

  • A/B testing campaigns can generate up to 40% more leads

  • Having more than 40 landing pages can result in up to seven times more leads than having just one to five

Rising Trend: Lead Generation Tools

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in a company's products or services.

Why It Matters:

The demand for tools that offer seamless integration with existing CRM and marketing platforms is skyrocketing. Businesses crave efficiency, seeking automated solutions to save time and resources while enhancing lead quality over mere quantity​​.

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Companies Involved In Generating Leads

  • Convoso: Enhances sales and lead gen teams' performance with conversational AI and powerful analytics.

  • Dripify: Streamlines LinkedIn lead generation with automated campaigns and seamless tool integration.

  • Gallabox: Converts WhatsApp chats into leads and deals using AI personalization and automation.

  • Instantly AI: Boosts sales prospecting with AI and machine learning for smarter engagement.

  • Openphone: Simplifies team communication with a shared inbox and comprehensive call management.

  • Repvue: Provides insights into sales organizations with detailed reviews and data analytics.

  • Seamless AI: Finds verified B2B leads in real-time, integrating smoothly with business tools.

  • Toky: Offers a versatile phone system for global customer communication and business integration.

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Launches on Product Hunt

  1. Snov.io: A platform that automates B2B sales, specializing in lead generation, cold outreach, email deliverability, and sales management.

  2. Cavako: Offers a suite of tools designed to boost conversions, featuring Social Proof notifications and Personalized Deadline Offers.

  3. Web3 Mega Bundle: Aims at enhancing web3 outreach by providing access to key decision-makers and influencers.

  4. Revscale: A platform designed to help businesses speed up their time-to-market and increase revenue by delivering qualified prospects.

  5. Zaplify: Helps you with personalized Linkedin and email outreach on autopilot

  6. LeadDelta: A CRM for professional relationships, aiming to centralize professional contacts and manage interactions more effectively.

  7. Floik: Provides tools for creating interactive demos, product videos, and guides​​.

Recent Investments In Sales Tech

  • Convertr: A London-based software company that automates lead data capture and management, which received backing from RAC

  • mmadigital: A lead generation technology company that secured growth funding from Rockpool Investments

  • AB Tasty: A Paris-based company focused on improving website performance through AI-driven optimization and personalization. It recently received Series C funding.

  • BrillMark: Located in Hayward, California, BrillMark is an agency specializing in A/B testing for over 10,000 campaigns, helping to optimize testing processes and conversion rates.

  • CIENCE Technologies: A leading lead generation agency that uses AI and intent data for optimal client outcomes. It's noted for its technological advancements in 2024.

  • KlientBoost: A digital marketing agency from Costa Mesa, California, KlientBoost creates tailored strategies including SEO and social media management to increase visibility and conversions.

  • Prospect.io: A sales automation platform that enhances outbound sales productivity through multi-channel automated outreach, Prospect.io offers tools for list building, outbound efforts, productivity enhancement, and reporting

Ideal Customer For Lead Generation Services

The ideal customer for lead generation services is a B2B company focused on growth, they value quality over quantity, and ready to invest in effective strategies. These companies, often from industries with complex sales cycles and high customer lifetime values.

  • Marketing or Sales Leader in a B2B company. Works where deals are big and take time, like tech or industrial services. In small companies often CEO also responsible for sales.

  • Goals: To grow the business with smarter, data-based marketing. Wants to find better leads that are more likely to buy.

  • Problems: Wastes too much time on leads that go nowhere.

  • How to engage with: Show the real data, case studies, and quick, informative demos. Show how you can help with spending less time on choosing tools, building strategies and attract more customers.

Business Ideas To Catch The Trend

Let’s explore ideas based on the trends, problems and buyer personas.

  • Offer specialized services to integrate lead generation tools seamlessly with existing CRM systems

  • Build advanced social listening tools to gather insights from social media about potential leads, market trends, and competitor activities

  • Build analytics tool that analyzes historical sales data, market trends, and external factors like economic indicators to provide highly accurate sales forecasts

  • Offer services such as market analysis, strategy development, and training for businesses struggling to generate leads effectively

  • Build a niche directory that will bring leads for the companies and startups

  • Start a CRO agency specializing in A/B testing, helping businesses significantly increase their lead generation rates

  • Offer a virtual assistant service that manages lead nurturing tasks, such as sending personalized follow-ups, scheduling appointments, and providing timely content, allowing salespeople to focus on ready-to-convert leads.

  • Develop a platform that tracks customer health scores, predicts churn risk, and automates engagement strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

Learn More About Building An Agency

I found this great report by Trends.vc about the future of agencies. It explores how agencies can provide high-value, tailored solutions to companies looking to solve immediate problems, access expertise on demand, and scale rapidly.

What's inside:

  • Strategies for client acquisition, including cold outreach and personalized communication.

  • The benefits of specializing in services around specific ecosystems or platforms.

  • The advantages of offering a comprehensive range of services to become a one-stop solution for clients.

  • The impact of sharing the agency-building journey publicly to enhance trust and visibility.

  • The importance of showcasing success through case studies and lead magnets to demonstrate capability and attract clients.

  • And a little bit more, read it here

If these insights added a little more knowledge to your day, pass it on to someone who'd appreciate it just as much.

Catch you on the next one,

Zaur T.

P.S. Got a burning question or a brilliant idea? Drop me a message, and let's make magic happen together.

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