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404trends #9 | Automations Trend Alert | 9 Business Ideas And Companies To Watch

Dear friends, founders, freelancers, and anyone who's tried to use voice commands to automate their morning coffee

I'm writing to you from my favorite spot. My home. Specifically a 2-bedroom apartment in the city of Warsaw. It’s buzzing Thursday, January 18th, and guess what? My district administration decided to rebuild the whole street. So it’s a bit messy and noisy around, and I’m so glad I have noise-canceling headphones.

Anyways. Today I have something special for those who love automation as I am. I’ll call it a juicy report for data scientists and automation enthusiasts.

What’s Inside:

  • Two trending topics in automation

  • Quick stats for nerds

  • Key players to watch

  • 9 business ideas to start in automation

  • AAA business model review

Quick stats for nerds

  • Millennials, the biggest group in the workforce, are pushing companies to invest more in automation.

  • Worldwide spending on digital transformation is expected to hit 1.8 trillion USD in 2024 and reach 2.8 trillion USD by 2025.

  • Only about one-third of consumers know they are using AI in their daily lives.

  • There might be 26 million fewer office and admin jobs by 2027.

  • China is the global leader in industrial automation, having installed 268,000 robots in 2021.

📈Rising Trend: Enterprise-level AI automation

Why It Matters:

MLOps makes creating and managing machine learning projects faster and more accurate, requiring teamwork between data professionals and IT engineers.

AIOps uses AI to automate IT tasks, combining different tools into one efficient system.

FinOps helps companies control their cloud expenses and make better financial decisions.

The growing need for advanced technology like AI and cloud computing in complex business environments is driving the expansion of these fields, focusing on efficient teamwork, workflow automation, and smart spending.

Companies to watch

👀 Key players

  • IBM Corporation

  • Microsoft Corporation

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Google Cloud (Vertex AI)

  • Automation Anywhere, Inc.

  • Blue Prism Group PLC

  • UiPath Inc.

  • HCL Technologies Limited

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • Kofax Inc.

  • VMware


  • SoftwareONE

  • Apptio

  • Nagarro

📈Rising Trend: AI automation for startups

Why It Matters:

AI automation combines technologies like LLMs and automation tools like Zapier, Make, or N8N to automate complex business processes. It’s like MLOps but for smaller companies and much cheaper. This form of automation is helping companies by automating manual tasks including product development, operations, content creation, and customer service.

👀 Smaller Players

  • Andy is building a Go Productivity automation agency to help SaaS companies and creators work less and earn more

  • Jorge is aiming to automate your business processes with his Linklemon Agency

  • Justyn building in public his automation agency Stakeholders for growing companies

  • Ryan is running OpsKings to help companies automate operations so they can grow faster

  • Ali is busy building the AI automation agency Axone Accelerate to help you save countless hours of manual work

  • Liam is building AAAaccelerator to help entrepreneurs with starting their own AI automation agency

  • Alistair is focused on Compound to help Ecom run their operating systems.

🎯Audience Insights

Let’s look at who’s buying automation services.

ICP: Enterprises

  • Target medium to large businesses.

  • Focus sectors: Finance, Healthcare, Online Retail.

  • Annual revenue: Over $10 million.

  • Looking for new technology to enhance operations.

  • Key contacts: Top Executives, IT Heads, Heads of Innovation.

ICP: Startups

  • Target startups with fewer than 50 employees.

  • Seeking efficient task management without increasing staff.

  • Key contacts: Business Owners, Marketing or Technology Managers.

  • Interested in new tools for business growth and customer engagement.

  • Prefer user-friendly solutions with clear benefits.

Opportunities in Automation 💸💸

  1. Start an AI consulting firm for enterprise

  2. Start Automation as a service agency for startups and other agencies

  3. Start an AI automation coaching

  4. Partner with automation tool providers and resell their services

  5. Build an E-commerce automation tool

  6. Build a content automation tool

  7. Build a customer service automation tool

  8. Build a customer onboarding automation tool

  9. Build a recruitment process automation tool

📖Honest overview about running AAA

Came across an insightful article on Reddit about running an AI Automation Agency (AAA). It's a deep dive from the early days of setting up an AI tools directory to the nitty-gritty of developing custom AI solutions for businesses. For those curious about the ins and outs of AI in business, this read's a real treat! 🤖

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What do I read

  1. Kicked off the year with "Principles" by Ray Dalio offers valuable insights into effective life and business strategies, useful to read for anyone seeking personal and professional growth.

  2. "Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius is a must-read for every human being. It’s a collection of personal writings by the Roman Emperor, who writes about resilience, self-discipline, and rationality.

  3. I made a Christmas gift for myself buying the book "The Snowball" by Alice Schroeder. It’s an extensive biography of Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors of all time. It’s almost 900 pages so it will take a while to finish.

Wrap Up 🥳

And that's a wrap on our tech trend treasure hunt for the week! Hit share if you're digging these insights.

Catch you on the flip side,


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