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  • 404trends #11 | 216 Exploding Ideas [Special Episode] 🔥

404trends #11 | 216 Exploding Ideas [Special Episode] 🔥

Dear friends, today’s episode is special

I’m not going to make a deep dive report today,

Instead, I’m sharing with you 216 trending topics, startups, and products that I collected and manually verified.

It will help you with getting new startup ideas or finding demand in the market

Here we go

Pick Insights Database

If you're tired of the shipfast model, and thinking there's a better way to launch your project, hear me out.

I noticed people burning their time and energy to be a maker of the year. In the end, we have a bunch of similar tools, a gray hair maker, and a confused user.

I collected these trends by scraping different websites (amazon, product hunt, pinterest, glimpse, reddit, and twitter) to find where the interest is going and help you stop guessing.

Treat this database as fuel to your rocket.

How to use it:

  1. Identify the trend that you're interested in

  2. Check why it's popular

  3. Find similar startups that are doing the same

  4. Understand who is the best audience

  5. Brainstorm ideas that are better than the competition

  6. Test your ideas by asking the best audience

No more blind development, 6 months of wasted time, and burnout.

That's simple, just try it

Also, if you have time please support the tweet behind it, it will help me a lot!


Drive safely

Zaur T.

P.S. Here are a few ways for us to work together:

  1. Join me on a free coaching call where I’ll help you to validate your idea and get the first users, reply “100users” to join.

  2. Hire developers to build anything from scratch, from the middle, or finish the broken stack, reply “needbuilders” to request help

  3. Also, if you use any idea from this newsletter, reach out to me and I’ll promote your website for free