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404trends #14 | UGC Trend Alert and Hacking TikTok 🗣️

Dear friends, content creators, and anyone who's ever tried to make a viral TikTok dance (I'm still working on my moves)

It's Wednesday, and Yoshimitsu (my cat) woke me up at 5:10 by scratching the door of the closet. Such a good cat. But, I fuelled by a double shot of espresso and all good, I’m ready to work.

Also, I’m happy to celebrate that we’re at 404 subscribers now🥳 ! Thanks to all of your support! Let’s celebrate together hit that share button and spread the love

Speaking of trends, let's dive into the exciting world of user-generated content (UGC) and how it's revolutionizing marketing.

Grab your ring lights and let's get started!

What’s Inside

  • Two emerging trends

  • Big brands leveraging UGC

  • Popular UGC tools and platforms

  • Recent UGC launches on Product Hunt

  • UGC investment news

  • Ideas for monetising UGC as a creator or brand

  • The future of UGC and TikTok marketing

Quick Stats For Nerds

  1. 92% of consumers trust UGC more than traditional advertising, 86% of millennials judge a brand's trustworthiness based on the amount of UGC it generates.

  2. UGC can increase web conversions by 29%

  3. TikTok ad revenue is expected to hit $17.2 billion in 2024

  4. Micro-influencers with under 10k followers have the highest engagement rates

  5. 60% of people find UGC more trustworthy than branded content

  6. Almost half of customers (48%) claim that UGC is a great method for them to discover new products

Rising Trend#1 UGC Creator

User-generated content (UGC) refers to any form of content, such as images, videos, reviews, or testimonials, created by unpaid contributors or users of a product or service. It's authentic, relatable content from real people rather than brands.

Rising Trend#2 TikTok Ads

Why It Matters:

In the age of social media and influencer marketing, consumers crave authenticity. UGC provides social proof and peer validation that traditional advertising can't match. For brands, UGC is cost-effective, fosters engagement and loyalty, and converts sales. With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok is a UGC goldmine for reaching younger audiences.

Companies Leveraging UGC on TikTok

  • Chipotle - #GuacDance challenge generated 1M+ video submissions

  • Gymshark - partners with fitness creators for authentic workout content

  • Fenty Beauty - reposts customer makeup looks and tutorials

  • Dunkin' - featured a fan-created menu hack that went viral

  • Aerie - #AerieREAL campaign celebrates unretouched user photos

  • Starbucks - encourages customers to share creative drink orders

  • GoPro - company's entire marketing strategy revolves around showcasing UGC from its users' adventures.

  • Sephora - collaborating with TikTok to release educational content programsaround their products.

  • Lululemon - cultivated a strong community of brand advocates who create and share UGC

  • Yotpo: UGC curation and management for ecommerce brands

  • Pixlee: Helps discover, license, and showcase customer content

  • Taggbox: Aggregates UGC from 15+ social platforms

  • Bazaarvoice: Ratings, reviews, and visual UGC solutions

  • Olapic: Shoppable UGC galleries and Instagram walls

  • Stackla: AI-powered UGC platform for enterprise brands

Recent UGC Launches on Product Hunt

  • Insense: Connects brands with UGC creators for TikTok and Instagram

  • UGC Scripts: Scroll-stopping UGC scripts in minutes with AI

  • Creatify: Paste a product URL. Video ad made in seconds

  • CreatorStock: Creator Stock is the UGC marketplace that allows the everyday creator to mobilise and monetise their content

  • Videobolt: Online video making platform aimed at businesses of all sizes

  • Wordplay: Generate 2,000+ words of high-quality content in one click

  • Kapwing: Online video editor for repurposing UGC

Recent UGC Investments

  • Catch+Release raised $8M. Total funding: $31.3M. Investors: Accel, Cervin, Stagwell, HarbourVest Partners.

  • Emplifi acquired Pixlee TurnTo. Provides UGC, ratings, reviews solutions. Amount undisclosed.

  • Nosto raised $16M led by Mandatum Asset Management. To scale personalized site search. Previously acquired Stackla.

  • TINT raised $6.5M Series A in 2021. UGC platform collects, displays social content.

  • CreatorIQ raised $40M Series C in 2022. Finds, manages influencers and UGC creators.

  • Insense raised $4M seed in 2022. AI-powered UGC platform helps brands leverage customer content.

  • Creatify raised $2.8M pre-seed. Videobolt raised $1.5M pre-seed. AI tools generate marketing videos from product URLs.

  • CreatorStock raised undisclosed seed in 2022. UGC marketplace for creators to monetize content.

How to make money with UGC trend

  1. Participate in affiliate marketing and earn commissions

  2. Offer content creation services on freelance marketplaces

  3. Start SMMA with a focus on UGC

  4. Build an influencer marketplace connecting brands with micro-influencers for UGC campaigns

  5. Create AI writing assistant for generating UGC scripts and product descriptions

  6. Start UGC-focused content marketing agency for DTC brands

  7. Build AI-based UGC sentiment analysis and moderation tool

  8. Start micro-influencer UGC content studio and production service

  9. Create AI-powered UGC repurposing tool for multiple platforms

  10. Start UGC-focused influencer marketing analytics platform

  11. Build UGC-driven books launch and pre-order platform

  12. Build AI-based UGC quality scoring and ranking tool for brands

The Future of UGC and TikTok Marketing

As TikTok continues to dominate social media, UGC will only become more vital for brands looking to connect with Gen Z and Millennial consumers. Expect to see more brands partnering with micro-influencers, investing in UGC tools, and finding creative ways to leverage viral trends. For creators, there will be increasing opportunities to monetize your content and skills in the growing creator economy.

The Ultimate Guide To UGC Content Marketing

One of the UGC platform wrote a damn good guide about content marketing. It covers different UGC use cases, from organic posting to TikTok Spark Ads, and provides case studies showcasing impressive results achieved through their platform. The article also offers resources for brands and creators, including guides, a blog, and a Creator Academy.

Something else to read

  1. I found out that successful people are practicing morning journaling. It clears your mind, it’s a good way to generate new ideas, learn new concepts and keep the memory sharp. Tim Ferris in his blog writes about his morning journalling and I found it fascinating

  2. Sometimes creating a startup just doesn’t work. And for some people running a lifestyle business can be a game changer

Wrap Up 🥳

And that's all, I hope you found some valuable nuggets in here. And you know what? Don't be shy - hit that share button and spread the love.

Until next time, keep exploring and stay curious,


P.S. Got a burning question or a brilliant idea? Drop me a message, and let's make magic happen together.

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