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  • 404trends #7 | Catching Smart Rings explosion | 100x growth rate 💥

404trends #7 | Catching Smart Rings explosion | 100x growth rate 💥

Dear friends, solopreneurs, and those who believe their fingers should do more than just scroll through social media

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Welcome back to another edition of the 404trends newsletter, today we’ll talk about smart rings. Let’s dive into it.

What’s inside

  • The Rise of Smart Rings

  • Top Players

  • Customers’ insights

  • Opportunities to jump in

Rising Trend 🚀

Imagine rings that do more than just look good. Smart rings are these tiny devices you wear on your finger that track your health, control your gadgets, and even pay for your coffee. They're the perfect combo of tech smarts and style.

Why It Matters:

Smart rings aren't just for tech lovers; they're for everyone. They keep an eye on your heart rate, track how well you sleep, and even help you find your phone. They're a part of your life, helping you stay fit, and making your day-to-day tasks easier. And the best part? They look just like regular rings.

Companies to watch 👀

  1. Ultrahuman Ring Air: A lightweight fitness and sleep tracker with a stylish design and health data insights.

  2. Oura Ring: Tracks a wide range of health metrics, including sleep, activity, and menstrual cycles, with advanced sensors.

  3. Evie Ring: Focuses on women's health, offering mood and menstrual cycle tracking with AI insights.

  4. RingConn: Offers extensive health and fitness tracking, with a robust battery life and water resistance.

  5. Circul+: A health-monitoring ring tracking ECG and blood pressure, suitable for Android and iOS users.

  6. Circular Smart Ring: Tracks heart rate, skin temperature, and sleep, with customizable outer shells.

  7. RingPay: A contactless payment ring, compatible with Android and iOS, unique in the smart ring market.

🎯Who buys smart rings and why

  • Tech guys. They like the latest gadgets to boost work productivity. Looks for top-notch features and brand reputation.

  • Fitness Enthusiast. Always looking for accurate fitness trackers. Looks for fitness accuracy and recommendations from fitness experts.

  • Style forwards. Wants stylish tech devices. Wants to look good, what’s trending, and what influencers say.

  • Health-Conscious. Wants simple tech to keep an eye on his health.

disclaimer: sometimes one person can have all these profiles, for better results try interviewing people or joining group discussions

Business Ideas for the Smart Ring Wave💸💸

  • Make productivity apps that make life easier.

  • Make play to earn games

  • Write a blog. Write detailed reviews and earn through links.

  • Create a YouTube channel. Show how these rings work and get people to buy through your links. Apple smart ring is coming and keyword competition is very low.

  • Become an affiliate of Fitness Apps.

  • Create comparison websites. Help people choose the right smart ring, by providing alternatives

  • Build an email newsletter. Send out the latest smart ring news and deals.

  • Provide Influencer Marketing Services for brands

  • Make your own dropshipping store

  • Launch your own smart ring

📖Further Reading: How to Become Innovative

Creativity is coming up with cool ideas. Innovation is making these ideas work for real people. Your job is to use your creativity to think up new things and then use innovation to make them useful for your customers. If you like long readings check this, otherwise here’s a brief summary:

  1. Dream Big. Start with your big ideas and dreams.

  2. Test Quickly. Try out ideas fast and change them if needed.

  3. Keep It Simple. Focus on what works best, like Instagram did with photos.

  4. Be Practical. Make sure your ideas are useful and meet real needs.

  5. Think About Your Customers. Understand what they really need, even things they don't say.

  6. Keep Generating Ideas. Always think of new things.

  7. Don't Be Afraid to Try. Be bold and experiment.

  8. Match Ideas to What People Need Now. Make sure your ideas fit your customers' current needs.

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Wrap Up 🥳

Another week, another deep dive into the niches! Share this newsletter if you found it insightful.

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